Key points to keep in mind while marketing.

13 Jul

Some “Deadly” mistakes to avoid while marketing:

Mistake 1. Being focused on you instead of on your market

While marketing we should focus on our customers- Institutes, Corporate Learning Teams, Professors, Teachers, Students, Learning and Training Industry. Addressing their needs, pain areas, benefits. Rather than totally focussing on our offering through Drona. Features of Drona should not be expressed explictly rather as solutions for customers.

It should have less of words like “We”, “us”, “our” and more of “you” and “yours”

Mistake 2. Using a weak, wimpy or plain bad headline:

Headline to strong, aggressive without being pushy. To know if the headline is compelling enough think inline with reader. If the reader thinks “Hey, if this is true, I need to know more..”

Mistake 3. Not using enough bullets

People tend to scan the copy before they read it. It increases your chances that it will “catch-the-eye”. Makes it readable, easier to pick keywords

Mistake 4: Using big words and jargons

It should read like conversation, easy flowing, simple and clear.

Avoid jargon.

Mistake 5: Using weak sub-heads:

We should use sub-head every 3-4 paragraphs. Reading only sub-heads should sound like our sales pitch, it should catch eye and slow down the speed of reader to actually read the section.

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