Bubblegums and Candies

18 May

Recently I had been to a business trip to New Delhi. Trip was not the one which will go into my good-memory list. But Yes, it was adventurous enough to be mentioned in another blog. On my last day I happen to buy this book named “Bubblegums and Candies” by Preeti Shenoy. I just wanted to kill some time and had landed in this book store at metro station. But this book caught my attention. It seemed a book of short stories, sort of blogs by her. I was wondering should I buy this small thin book for 100 bucks or buy a magazine full of juicy gossips for 50.

I am glad I took a decision of buying this book. Of late books that I read are generally business and management books, though I like them but they are not able to catch my attention for long in one sitting. I do complete them by pace is too slow.

I took this book and immediately found a place to sit on platform and started reading it, as I had to wait for my husband there. Generally places like railway stations and trains are my favourite passtime as I simply love to observe the people around silently. This time it was unsual the book, I love such light reading books where people speak their mind out. Its fun.

The book consists of 20-30 odd short stories. Stories of her general observations in life, day-to-day work, realizations of human nature, happy-sad , high-low moments in life and its learnings. I enjoyed the book thoroughly. Took some lessons for myself. Lot of observations and language was similar to one that I speak to myself. Lessons were ones which we already know, but we skip them off our mind in daily routine and race.

Things seem most important at one point of time and our whole world revolves around it. It seems to rule our life, but as time passes, we move on and understand that all that was important was living life to fullest at that time, loving, laughing, forgiving, letting go, giving life its best shot.

We must just let go all the grudges and lows of life like bubblegum bursts and enjoy the life as colourful candies!!!

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