What is the business I am in?

08 Jun

Hmn…interesting ….what answers we receive when we ask this question to anyone?

Mostly people start talking about what they DO or PERFORM  in their business. They talk about big jargons, market terminologies and all those actions that can make it superficial.

For an instance, IT professional working for MNC, “What is the business you are in?”. Most probable answer would be “I am working for an IT MNC, as a ‘XXX – Executive’, I handle XYZ part/team.”

Or suppose you ask a some Doctor, What is the business you are in? Most probable answer would be “I am XYZ specialist, I perform ABC….”

Or If you have asked me this before writing this blog:) “What is the business I am in?”  I would have answer “We are technology enabler providing platforms to organizations and make them m-learning/training enable…..blah..blah blah…”

But all the above that we mention are things that we do or perform in our business. Our business are very simple:

IT Professional : We support other businesses.

Doctor: I help people get relief from their pain and make them happy

Me: I help people exchange their information easily.

All the above statements are so simple, even when tomorrow, our mode of delivery may change but business will remain the same, technology may change, processes may change, BUT our BUSINESS WILL REMAIN THE SAME.

Next time to best explain your business, explain as if you are explaining it to a child or to your great grandfather. I’m sure this is help you remain more focus on your business and the keep the purpose of you in it, alive.

Do let me know your thoughts on this.


(Thanks to Victor Sir)

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