How I wish I could be…

22 Jan

How many times have we heard these words? Even if we try to follow one dream or other there is always a time when we have mentioned this line.

In my case, many times, I am a person who cannot be satisfied with one dream, one goal, one role. I get often excited by too many ideas and achievements. As I child, I never had a consistent answer to “What I wanted to become, when I grow old”, okay after a point I tried hard to give standard acceptable answers.

I remember, once we had to write an essay on the same topic, like all children in school. At that time, I wanted to be an Architect but I wasnt to sure of how it was spelled, so I changed my essay to “Doctor” as this was more easy, acceptable and I knew many points to write a big essay.

But as I grew, my nature didn’t change, but eventually I opted to be an engineer after tasting some bit of all options I had. By this I mean, I took French to show my love towards literature & arts, also I like biology so I decided to give my entrance exams for Doctor (though long before the exam I saw pretty sure I can never be a doctor, for the sheer reason of I can’t see people in pain, crying, & weeping), also gave my architecture entrance( I hope I spelt it right this time at least), only to stand first and then opting out of it and Finally opting for engineering.

And even today half a decade after I left my studies, I still have so many varied dreams and goals.

At times I want to be Painter/Artist painting walls, abstracts on canvas.

I want to be writer, writing beautiful blogs, short stories, life experiences, columns, articles for elite magazines and eventually a book.

I want to be designer, designing interiors, designing dreams,  studios, workpads, child’s imaginary word.

I want to be an entrepreneur, driving & leading markets, making breakthrough innovations, managing and leading.

I want to be a teacher….hmm…Very difficult….(I have tried my bit in last two tough 🙂 )

I want to be a traveller. Exploring  new places, culture, food, history.

The list goes on and on… It’s never ending and ever-changing.

This thought ignited a beautiful concept. As a kid, during ones schooling days,we can have a small activity. So at least as a child we can virtually live many lives. The activity goes something like this.

Each child should write their wishes on a piece of paper. For kids (like me) who are not sure, write multiple choices on different piece of paper. It could be Rockstart, Muscian, Painter, Designer, Computer Engineer, Doctor, anything that they like.

Then put all sheets in the bowl. But for first week, each child gets to continue his/her wish. They follow the day-to-day life as say Interior Designer/ Musician. And come and share their observations with class. Then next week they get to live chosen dream. For e.g. Interior designer gets to plan a design for their classroom/home.  And make some changes if possible. Get to plan the list of resources, skills which are required. And try to find how these can be achieved it.

Musician will decide on instrument, play at times in class. The doctor will have a hospital visit, try to understand common health problems among his classmates. So on and so forth. But after their own wish list, they have to go through remaining list as well. Sometimes we are influenced by our close friends, family, peers for our choice. Hence it would be fun to live a virtual life for others as well. And also this shall bring a sense of respect for all profession.

I think quest for many dreams can be lived, and this keeps us ticking and on our toes. It makes me happy to even dream. I hope you do achieve all your dreams and I, mine.

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