Goondh Cake

21 Apr

okay…the Name does not sound Interesting.
But as the old saying goes “Dont go by the Name”. You ought to eat it to love it.
First:  its just a 10 min sweet dish. Second: You can store this for more than 15-20 days.
My mom made this and I was sold on above to points. Here goes the magic potion:


Goondh: 1 cup (Powdered)
Sugar: 1.5 cup (Powdered)
Wheat flour: 1 cup
Desi Ghee or Non-salted Butter: 1 cup

Mix the above ingredients in a bowl with spatula. Pre-heat the tawa/hot-plate/microwave oven for 180 C or 5 mins. Put this mixture into Aluminium tin/cake tin and place this on the hot-plate and cover it. Keep this for 10 mins. You will be able to sense the sweet smell of the crispy cake.

P.S. You can add sliced nuts, elachi.

Tada! We are done.

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