The Da Vinci Code

17 May

The Da Vinci Code is the best mystery-thriller novel is have read. This book was gifted to me by a friend, and I took a while to start it. But believe me once you start..its a BIG ROLLER COASTER ride; you wont be able to keep is aside.

This is a brilliantly conceived book, as well written as any thriller out there. It’s about Divine mysteries that have been kept from us by the permutations of time and by corrupt individuals in high spiritual places. These are core issues of spirituality and gnosis that resonate with our pysche and subconscious views, built up over lifetimes. It is this that makes the book so compelling.

Those who love solving puzzles, decoding; you would enjoy this one for sure.
However, the premise of the story undermines the tenets of Christianity, thus the novel has stirred up a lot of controversy and spawned several nonfiction works debunking the theories discussed by characters.
Dan Brown has done an exhaustive amount of research to ensure that his explanations and depictions of history and the ancient societies that are featured in the book are as accurate as possible. I felt like Brown did a good job of researching computer encryption algorithms and network security for his book.When you introduce evidence and arguments which, if true, shake the foundation on which the entire religion of Christianity is based, there are bound to be skeptics.
The mysteries of God have been kept from us. But there are ciphers enough left in the world to help us find the key.
By the end, I am sure what I dont want to miss at Louvre, Paris and London.
Let me know your thoughts and reviews about this book.


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