Distinctly remarkable service: Just Dial

20 Jun

As you call in to Just Dial, to figure out some solutions/vendors for your immediate need, some of below mentioned points are worth noticing:

Customer Service
Customer Service

1. Your call is almost instantly picked up.

NO caller-tunes, NO “Please wait tapes”, NO “Press 1, 2, 3”

2. The customer executive will greet you by your name.

Personalization, as if you have called a friend for last-minute help. In fact lot of other support guys (Read Telecom Co.s) get your info. (Name, No. ) flashing on their screen but they never call you by your name.

3. Lighting response time.

They wont ask you to repeat lot of information, just point-to-point communication, and your answers are send back on sms or email; so you wont waste-time in finding a notepad, typing info. mis-spelling info.

4. Small Suggestion, No insistence

There is a small suggestion for any other vendors, no forcing the customers out. Most of the times sales guys, keep insisting and leave you frustrated and irritated.

We should definitely learn a couple of lessons on Customer service from this fantastic company, Just Dial.

(P.S. I am NOT promoting JustDial or promoters or any of its interests, neither am I paid for writing this article. It’s just what I & some of my friends have observed and enjoyed :))

Further reading on JustDial Story: Click here

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