Supermarket on the move with new mobile app.

19 Jul
Supermarket on the move with new mobile app.

International supermarket giant brings virtual goods to subway commuters in South Korea, eliminating the need for a physical store.

Through posting product images along with the Quick Response (QR) codes across the subways of major cities, the company is encouraging people to use their sparse time shop more intelligently. The customers can click images of favorite products and place an order via mobile with product getting delivered by the end of day. This is seen as a major mobile application that can potentially change the seller-buyer relationship in one of the largest industries of the world, that too making smart use of customers’ time and sellers’ resources.

Where the rest of us see subway walls, Tesco’s South Korean supermarket chain Home Plus sees grocery shelves. In a trial run, Home Plus has plastered a subway station with facsimiles of groceries, labeled with a unique code for each product. As commuters pass by on their way to work, they can use a mobile-phone app to take pictures of the products they want, then check out. The groceries are automatically delivered to their doorstep by the end of the work day.

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