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My discovery, exploration, amazement and ideas during the beautiful phase of life called motherhood. Dedicated to my loving and beautiful daughter – Naisha

Recycle: Gift wrap


It is Rakhi, along with her Rakhi Naisha will be giving away small presents to her brothers.

I did not have lot of craft material at Mom. So I took some smooth colourful newspaper wrapped the gift.instead of regular cellotape, I used black cellotape. I posted them as you ribbons.
And regular ready to use red ribbon.

Then I cut the alphabets (receivers name) from yellow notepad paper.

Tada..we are ready with good gift wrap.

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Babys day out


Ready for the first ride in her stroller.

It has usual three positions. Currently using the sleep position. Later will shift to reclined and sit up right ones.

My criteria for choosing the stroller:

1. Light weight but sturdy. As we live in apartment building with no lifts. I wanted the stroller to be light enough to easily carry around. Yet sturdy to not topple up.

2. Usable till atleast my baby starts walking.This one has varied positions to use from laying down to seeing straight positions

3. Ease of use. Not complicated for my maid to use as well.

P.s. I don’t want to get into brands that offer stroller and their comparison in this blog.

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Eventful Ear piercing

There are lot of different opinions about when ear piercing should be done for the babies.

I had decided not to get out done before 3 months of age. Also I was little scared about the whole process and pain involved, I tried pushing it late. Since her grandmom kept pushing to get it done at early age.

So finally after lot of insistence at approximately 4.5 months, I took up the courage to pierce her ears.

My mother inlaw called same lady which she had called previously for other grandchildren. And she promised me that she will handle the while process as I was sceptical and uneasy about seeing my child cry.

when the lady started the preparation, my mother in law declared she could not see the baby crying. That made me, feel all the more scared. Finally I held my baby tight and the lady pulled one gun shot in left ear.

As my baby had just woke up, she cried little loudly. So her grandmother got upset and took the baby away. She declared we don’t want any more piercing in another ear. We are ok with new fashion. 🙂

Soon father in law also started supporting her. And I got in tight situation, as I could not see such silly thing happening to my child.

All this happening when my husband was not happy with the whole idea of ear piercing at lot.

Finally I had to put my foot down. Since one ear was done, second had to be done. I knew that my child cried same during her vaccinations. I got next one done and consoled her. ,

Few moments later everyone was happy, baby looked calmed and Pretty.

It was indeed an eventful afternoon and something which we later laughed at.

That’s the love of parents and grandparents, that they cannot see their children in pain, whatever be the reason.

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Organizing Baby (0-3 months) items

Babies of this age group have little needs, in terms of baby items. Since they are mostly breast feeding feeding-equipment are comparatively low. Few simple techniques will help keep the room clean and tidy.

I sorted my daily requirement list like this:

  • Shelf #1
    1. Tops
    2. Nappies
    3. Caps
    4. Handkerchiefs
    5. Socks
  • Shelf #2
    1. Sleeping blankets
    2. Swaddling clothes
    3. Towel
    4. Quick dry sheets
  • Shelf #3
    1. Medicines, grooming set, thermometer, etc
    2. Massage oil, powder, creams, etc
  • Shelf #4
    1. Diapers & wipes
    2. Breastfeeding pump
    3. Rattles

All other items like bed, crib set, diaper bag, toys, extra set of blankets, wraps, bed-sheets can be kept in separate wardrobe or organizer; as I wont require that on daily basis.

20130812_132058Baby clothes organizer

I found this organizer from ‘Cello’ with 4 huge drawers, very handy. It cost me around INR 2100/- It has wheels for easy movement and size of drawers is varied to accommodate large bottles of medicine/powder. 

Baby Medicine rack

I kept it close to my bed, so that I could access everything at one-hand distance during nights as well.

Let me know how have you managed.

More on organizing baby stuff coming soon..

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