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My weekend….at Frankfurt, January 2008

My weekend….at Frankfurt, January 2008

(got from old scraps..specially for this blog readers 🙂 )

I had pen down some thoughts n experience of some 24 odd hours…..

Caution:  There can be times were you might not understand what I m talking about(wrote at late nights..)…n sometimes…it might feel like “just cut the crap n say ahead”….n its ok…if you fall asleep in between….I had written it in bits n pieces…didn’t get to write at a stretch….so please bare with this….

Friday..I went home early..I mean earlier than usual….:))..Ate something and directly to the bed…. Slept immediately….without..packing or preparing my itinerary for next 2 days….some thoughts were going on through my mind……..woke up at 4.00..finally………couldn’t sleep more….packed my bag/tickets..routes/maps… watched favourite. “friends” for some time….slept at
5:45…next I I didn’t want to wake up..n go…..unwillingly I woke (as always)…took a lot of time..for everything…I felt like a small child..who knows no goals…just wanders around n gets lost in his own world….. left home after 8:00…was really in my own  world…enjoying silly things….like the sky… had really good colours…nice shade of pink.. I was going or one can say….strolling towards the airport… weird state of mind.. like…..even a small bird distracted me n put few more thoughts in my mind… in why I  never noticed it b4……a very weird/nice mood….I started wondering..what it would be. like to miss the flight…n how would people react…to this..:)) ….what would I say….when I call up my uncle/parents to inform that I have finally managed to miss the flight ….hi ha ha….was giggling…at the thought itself.

Flight Journey: I reached pretty late……but not late enough to miss the I had no luggage to check in….no more  queues for me :(( n what a luck…the flight was delayed….thankfully I had carried stuff to keep myself busy…( by this I mean “Da Vinci code” and Amsterdam 2008 book) read the book for sometime…thought…I would manage to kick start the book…by this weekend…but as I entered the flight…something  caught my attention…”financial times”– for 2  things..

1st :it had a picture of our prime minister Manmohan Singh and 2nd it was an “English” newspaper. ….got a copy…believe me…it was one intelligent thing that I did since morning… many amazing articles…I was confused..which one to read first…that’s one bad habit…I read some part..but m so curious to know..which other interesting articles are there..that I will leave them n go ahead..n in end .. read very few of article I  would like to mention was about Tata’s’ biding for Jaguar n Land Rover also covering Tata Nano’s impact all over the world..with Mr Ratan Tata….that reminded me..of some conversations..were people use to mention  about Nano’s impact n which didn’t sink in me during that time….. I read many articles..about travel n world…..but..I wanted to read that book I kept the paper aside..n started with the book..n next thing is…as expected..I was sleeping….woke up when someone handed me a chicken sandwich….I decided…not to read the magazines..they provide in flights….learnt about a small country.”Malta”. which I didn’t knew..where was it located….but seemed  very nice n fun place to be …for a trip………so……………obvious thought…”I should visit it sometime”. Its seemed unexplored …better than crowded places near world famous monuments….nice pictures of dive in ocean to glance the sea life….beautiful sun rise at top of some place…..n spending a lazy afternoon…… a gr8 break….in Mediterranean sea….

Then I started chatting with 2 old fellas sitting next to me…from Germany…a very obvious n common conversation…(where are you from? India…I have been there/want to go there….very nice/weird place…most of them would have seen Taj Mahal…(man..I don’t remember my trip..if ever it was ..called one…had seen when I was very young…n no pics…point  to note: Visit Taj Mahal)…other obvious questions..studying or working…(I regret answering this question also…I should have studied…but what??) do u like it here?..what’s the difference….n questions on India n Mumbai..( that reminds me..I have to update my  database…what’s the population of Mumbai??? I never get that as correct answer..I mean not even approximately correct..:))) enough quiz let me get into your shoes…n my same old questions…what’s best I should not miss about this places..other interesting’s ok  if that’s not well known..but “should not b missed” kind……..

Observations: Reached Frankfurt…oh’s such a HUGE airport..takes a while to get out….Human minds…or let’s say My mind..I always start comparing n  observing people too much….so I started making notes..about peculiar characteristics about Germans…even though there might not b anything particular…but I have this stupid thing about …I got to find something…..some observations like they r not tall n lean as people back in Netherlands..but short n on healthier side..peculiar cheeks…n most stupid/dumb conclusion…out of mere coincidence..was….a lot of these people have weak eye sight…cud see many wearing specs….(maybe that should be point for contact lens company to note)…I have this crazy observe not only people but also surroundings around like houses..and infrastructure..n trees….like I did in Oslo n Italy now Germany….don’t know if any of it is even true…..but keeps my mind occupy..n I enjoy it…Took the longest route to Messe Frankfurt..(not intentional…ended up with it)..there was quite a waiting time on train station n I was strolling up n down the platform…in my own world…lots of thoughts and maybe speaking to myself…n I think people did observe that..:))  but I had started enjoying every moment of it by now…sometimes it’s REALLY gr8 to travel alone…I had so much time for myself….was wondering if I m kind of person who is self absorbed…debating on this topic…..had a lot of arguments…leaving myself confused….Maybe I had decided to write down ..all these that time.. I was having good time….with myself..after a long time….maybe sometimes one should leave back all worries n enjoy small moments as it comes…I always tell this to myself.
Frankfurt Fair: And finally I reach the most awaited destination “Messe Frankfurt Trade Fair”, met uncle..n others.. After lunch started my tour of the fair….I couldn’t believe at magnitude of the fair…10 huge building connected to each other..n 3 floors on each n each floor having more than 100 stalls… was unbelievable….. it had 3 major parts…paperworld, christmas world, Beautyworld….we could rightly say it as “melting pot”….were people from all over the world came to show their talent and goods….n also see /check out others’…..people from all arts..culture..together….never imagined…..but event management was good n well organised……most of them in business wear…with portfolios n catalogues in hand…looking for good business deals….. I started with Christmas world…I was speechless n amazed looking at so many beautiful decorative items…each had its own much of creativity…I thank god..that these items were not on sale..I would have ended in buying many  unwanted(not needed) things…….that made me wonder how people from different regions had different tastes n likes…I mean…in India..I don’t think. people emphasise so much on decorations or interiors ….but back in Amsterdam…can generalise for Europe…a lot of emphasis is given to presentation n look n feel…be it house or shop or restaurant..very attractively presented.  

I couldn’t help ….took out my camera..n clicked few picas..keeping in mind for stalls which had photography prohibited signs…. but a very funny thing happened….I was clicking some pics..n lady from that stall came running towards me…to stop me…I I hadn’t clicked any yet..was just zooming to get right pic..she wouldn’t believe..n asked me to delete pics n show it to her…I had tough time..not to laugh n convince n  also b embarrassed at same time….:))  I quickly put my camera back…no more embarrassing situations for the day…. uncle had sent his elder brothers son with show around the places…man…he would go in proper sequence not missing any stalls….I couldn’t see or go thru each..everytime I took shortcuts n finish the floor quickly… after a while he had to agree to my way to checking these stalls….n move towards paper world. Soon all the amazement n fun faded… I was getting tired… so I decided to have some fun….there were some artists showcasing their talents n doing stints for people….hence as usual a lot many people would b there ..would have to wait for one’s turn….but this wait was worth than checking few more stalls..
1st destination: People getting their (& their beloved ones) names written in calligraphy way on handmade colourful paper…..lady before 4 of them written ..waiting for my turn…..I was wondering..what I cud get written on it……my name.??..hmn..that was too cliché’  ….people use to scribble the names on one common sheet….as my turn came…I just asked to write “Life is Beautiful” ..I was wondering if she would write so much….gave her the paper she glanced at it n smiled with amazement….I loved my sheet..even though it was plain paper as coloured ones were over….everyone on the table..had a smile. As they saw the quote……. that fellow asked me..why I got this written..very unusual…I replied “because life is indeed beautiful”…I know he didn’t get it…dumb guy..
My smallest contribution for this Guiness Record Maker.
2nd destination: There was this guy..trying to make Guinness painting using a very very huge brush..maybe as big as a room….we had to take..a canvas frame n hold the brush ..he would dip tip of brush in oil colours n paint a picture for each…normally he asked what we wanted him to paint….things I saw in frames that people held.. was 90% times a heart..n rarely a flower….That blue-red-white heart….was not appealing…..mine was his 596th painting..n he saw mine card written “life is beautiful”  n talked a bit..I opted for flowers…..n he painted 6 colourful flowers…..I couldn’t see the painting when he was doing it…as I had to hold the huge brush….but was very happy…as I saw it…….moreover….people came over to me to check that painting…unusual n colourful painting which took little longer time than others…..I flaunted that with pride…also because the oil colours were fresh..couldn’t hold it sideways……stupid me….I was enjoying all the attention…which the 2 things in my hand got…J)

I was determine that I have to make the most of my time, but I was warned by this fellow that “no more silly stuff & queues for such items” (as if I was going to listen).I headed for next destination….:) A cartoonist.

Cartoonist himself was a cartoon. A perfect replica of Jim Carrey, similar dimples, all hair Hayward, making funny faces n bulging eyes. When I sat on the chair opposite to him to draw my pic, I couldn’t stop laughing. The moment he looked at me, I would burst out laughing. I asked him not to make funny faces. He said, it helps him; those funny lines reflects in our faces n he could make nice cartoons. I was worried that if I laughed too much, he would draw thin lines for my eyes, as it is they r  too small….:))  He made pretty bad cartoon :))…everybody laughs at it :))

There was one more artist..cutting/making our faces on black shadow…but I wasn’t allowed to go there….my escort was fed up..of my madness…..finally I returned back to our booth…we packed for the day n moved out…we went to some shopping area..called Zeil…roamed for some time….had dinner..went to hotel…..chatted for a while…….other uncle had been to so many diff places..n has good knowledge… was good sharing n learning……

Back to my room, I laid down on bed, wondering, talking to myself  “ It wasn’t as bad, as I imagined…pretty much..enjoyed it”. I sometimes so need my space n time & I got all that, not thinking about past or future, had just lived every moment as it came, little bit craziness n bit of unnecessary pride…..

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Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai

Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya

Jab ghum ka saya lehraya

Jab aansoo palkon tak aya

Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya

Humne dil ko yeh samjhaya

Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai

Duniya mein yunhi hota hai

Yeh jo gehre sannaate hain

Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain

Thoda ghum hai sabka qissa

Thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa

Aankh teri bekaar hi namm hai

Har pal ek naya mausam hai

Kyun tu aise pal khota hai

Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai

– Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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Distinctly remarkable service: Just Dial

As you call in to Just Dial, to figure out some solutions/vendors for your immediate need, some of below mentioned points are worth noticing:

Customer Service
Customer Service

1. Your call is almost instantly picked up.

NO caller-tunes, NO “Please wait tapes”, NO “Press 1, 2, 3”

2. The customer executive will greet you by your name.

Personalization, as if you have called a friend for last-minute help. In fact lot of other support guys (Read Telecom Co.s) get your info. (Name, No. ) flashing on their screen but they never call you by your name.

3. Lighting response time.

They wont ask you to repeat lot of information, just point-to-point communication, and your answers are send back on sms or email; so you wont waste-time in finding a notepad, typing info. mis-spelling info.

4. Small Suggestion, No insistence

There is a small suggestion for any other vendors, no forcing the customers out. Most of the times sales guys, keep insisting and leave you frustrated and irritated.

We should definitely learn a couple of lessons on Customer service from this fantastic company, Just Dial.

(P.S. I am NOT promoting JustDial or promoters or any of its interests, neither am I paid for writing this article. It’s just what I & some of my friends have observed and enjoyed :))

Further reading on JustDial Story: Click here

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Five minutes before the day ends.

Every day, before leaving the office, save a few minutes to think about what just happened. Look at your calendar and compare what actually happened — the meetings you attended, the work you got done, the conversations you had, the people with whom you interacted, even the breaks you took — with your plan for what you wanted to have happen. Then ask yourself three sets of questions:

  • How did the day go? What success did I experience? What challenges did I endure?
  • What did I learn today? About myself? About others? What do I plan to do — differently or the same — tomorrow?
  • Who did I interact with? Anyone I need to update? Thank? Ask a question? Share feedback?

I really indent to practice this. Lets start from today 😛


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Weirdo mind!

Its been a very very lousy day. Sometimes I get so many ideas at one go that I get stuck at “which one to pick first”. Human brain works @million thoughts a sec Phew!

Also one more distraction point for me is too much of reading/curiosity/research/analysis (frankly I dont know which one is it }. It goes something like this:

I am doing some pre-defined task.
I get some idea on it/ new thought.
I do some googling.
And I like 10 links..and want to check them all.
I open all in different tab windows.
scanning through some…and set of different ideas coming running…
and the cycle goes on n on…Phew!

Does it happen with you anytime? Or its just me a little weirdo?

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Hoping that It will rain soon..

Its neither monsoon, nor do I live in a country where it rains anytime. Still I keep looking that those clouds which seem ferrocious, and hoping it will rain soon.

The current times in my(our…a bunch of us) life depicts this scenario perfectly. Sometimes I feel I huvn’t ploughed enough or sowed the seeds too well. Yet I want the best harvest? Is it that the nature is hinting me, “dear its time for rains, so please complete your job first.”

Nevertheless, lets keep ploughing & sowing till we learn the art and get the best harvest. 🙂

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