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Organizing Baby (0-3 months) items

Babies of this age group have little needs, in terms of baby items. Since they are mostly breast feeding feeding-equipment are comparatively low. Few simple techniques will help keep the room clean and tidy.

I sorted my daily requirement list like this:

  • Shelf #1
    1. Tops
    2. Nappies
    3. Caps
    4. Handkerchiefs
    5. Socks
  • Shelf #2
    1. Sleeping blankets
    2. Swaddling clothes
    3. Towel
    4. Quick dry sheets
  • Shelf #3
    1. Medicines, grooming set, thermometer, etc
    2. Massage oil, powder, creams, etc
  • Shelf #4
    1. Diapers & wipes
    2. Breastfeeding pump
    3. Rattles

All other items like bed, crib set, diaper bag, toys, extra set of blankets, wraps, bed-sheets can be kept in separate wardrobe or organizer; as I wont require that on daily basis.

20130812_132058Baby clothes organizer

I found this organizer from ‘Cello’ with 4 huge drawers, very handy. It cost me around INR 2100/- It has wheels for easy movement and size of drawers is varied to accommodate large bottles of medicine/powder. 

Baby Medicine rack

I kept it close to my bed, so that I could access everything at one-hand distance during nights as well.

Let me know how have you managed.

More on organizing baby stuff coming soon..

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